Our Collection of Light Up Letters


Light Up Letters is powered by Events Fantastic. Our collection of life-sized giant letters will make a great statement at your wedding, engagement party, birthday event or corporate function. Our light up letters are all freestanding and range from A to Z, 0 to 9, and symbols, including a giant hashtag. Our letters are available for hire in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Northern NSW regions. View our collections below or contact us for more information. 


Giant Letter "A"

Wedding Letters - Light Up Letters Brisbane & Gold Coast

Giant Letter "B"

Big Letter Hire - B

Giant Letter "C"

Giant Letters - C - Light Up Letters

Giant Letter "D"

Giant Letter "A"

Giant Letter "F"

Giant Light up letter - D letter

Giant Letter "G"

Giant letter G - Light Up Letters for Hire Brisbane

Giant Letter "J"

wedding letters - giant letter j for hire

Giant Letter "M"

light up letter M - wedding & Event Hire

Giant Letter "P"

Light up P - Better letter hire gold coast

Giant Letter "S"

Hire light up letters for weddings

Giant Letter "J"

Hire "V" letter - light up letters

Giant Letter "Y"

light up letters brisbane 
Light Up letter E - Letter light hire Brisbane

Giant Letter "H"

Big Letter Hire - Light Up Letter H

Giant Letter "K"

light up letter northern nsw - giant letter k

Giant Letter "N"

giant letter N - light up letters for events

Giant Letter "Q"

big letters For Hire Brisbane - Light UP letters

Giant Letter "T"

Giant "T" Light Up letter for hire

Giant Letter "J"

Hire giant "w" letter for your event

Giant Letter "Z"

light up letters gold coast
wedding letters - light up letter F Gold coast

Giant Letter "I"

Giant Letter I - Light up Letters Gold Coast

Giant Letter "L"

giant letters for hire - light up letters 

Giant Letter "O"

giant letter O for hire - light up letters

Giant Letter "R"

Light Up Letter "r" for hire - events & Weddings

Giant Letter "U"

Giant letter "U" for hire for events

Giant Letter "J"

Large Light Up letters for event hire 

Giant Letter "@"

light up letters byron bay

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