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An Evening to Remember: Creating a 30th Birthday That Will Become a Lasting Memory

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Your 30th birthday marks the end of a decade and welcomes a new phase of your life. This requires a celebration with those that have mattered the most to you.

Just like you, your 30th birthday should be one of a kind. To make this the night of your dreams, it needs that something extra. We’re providing some planning titbits to make that happen!


pink letter The Invitation

Sending invites out as early as possible is a must. People need to set aside time before prior engagements get in the way. Plus, anyone who needs to travel to you needs time to make arrangements.

The invitation you send provides the first outsider look into what your party will be. This lets them know whether it’s likely to be a snooze fest or something they are excited to attend. Thus, it’s essential to create a design that reflects not only you but the event you want to host. If you need help designing the invitation, you can always look online. Sites such as Canva offer free, customisable templates to fit the occasion.

Life Starts at 30

Party Type

Party ideas can be hard to come by, especially trying to find something original. Some ways to scout locations are to search for luxury restaurants to host a dinner. If it’s in the cards to organise a weekend getaway, search for wine tours in the Hunter Valley or hotels up in Cairns. This is more intimate but would create unforgettable memories with close friends. Parties closer to home can be organised in indoor or outdoor event spaces. These allow you to go big with intriguing themes such as a high tea, or an open bar night.



Decorating goes hand in hand with your theme and location. If you’ve chosen to host your event at a restaurant, you may not have as much choice as other spaces. One way to really commit to a theme is to hire a backdrop for your event. A beautiful way to set the tone is a running colour motif. This can be present through balloons, streamers, fairy lights or Light Up Numbers. Light up Letters are unique decorative pieces which create incredible photo opportunities. Your name spelt 1.5m tall is t perfect background for selfies or group photos.



Food and catering create a significant impact on your event. It needs to taste good, but it also contributes to the decoration and event ambience. A towering croquembouche makes a gorgeous centrepiece for a high tea. Similarly, a multi-tier cake after an amazing meal will please your guest’s eyes and stomachs. Finger foods are also great to have in circulation for guests to enjoy while chatting. A more formal option could even be a multi-course meal for you and your guests to enjoy together.


Most importantly,

Start early to prevent stress and enjoy the process of planning the only 30th you will have.


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